From Procore Technologies’ article on Diversity and Inclusion in Construction and Engineering (DICE).

Diversity and Inclusion in Construction and Engineering, or DICE, is a new peer collaboration group formed to discuss the most pressing issues around D&I, aiming to address possible solutions and advocate for real change in the industry. DICE’s founders made up of businesses of various sizes and specialties across construction and engineering, aim to bridge the D&I knowledge gap for companies and demonstrate how working to create a diverse and inclusive workplace is more than just the right thing to do—it also has real business benefits.

DICE was kicked off in 2017 by Silvia Siqueira, Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Hilti North America, with key support from Catalyst, which provides research data for topics identified as challenges and opportunities within DICE workshops. The group discussions, together with research data, give credibility to D&I efforts in organizations, Siqueira says.

Shawmut Design and Construction is an early supporter of DICE and has spearheaded several of its own initiatives around D&I.

“In order to get that diversity of thought and perspective, you need to have an environment that allows people to feel like they can speak up,” explained Dave Margolius, Vice President of Retail at Shawmut.

“It’s a huge component within Shawmut to create inclusive leaders, understanding some of the technicalities behind our unconscious biases and how to break through that and get everybody being their best selves here.”

Another initiative is Shawmut’s mentoring and sponsorship programs, designed to help underrepresented groups find a path to ascend to senior leadership.

“It’s an old adage, ‘if you can’t see them, you can’t be them,’” Margolius said. “Many companies have a gap of diversity and representation in more senior roles. One way to short-circuit that is by having mentoring and sponsorship. We’re currently crafting our mentorship program and we’ve put plan to action on our sponsorship efforts in order to change the landscape of our senior leadership.”

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