We believe we’re building a better tomorrow. Superior structures. Enhanced, engaged communities. Proud clients who enjoy certainty of outcome. That all requires efficiency, collaboration, transparency, and integrity. Our commitment: from day one, we’re all in. All the time.


Our core values define us as an employee-owned organization. We care more about our people, our clients, and all that we do. Caring more is at the heart of who we are and is the foundation of our culture. It’s what we call the Shawmut Way.

And it means our people believe:


I care for the client experience that surpasses expectations by finding a better way, delivering 10s and providing a journey that keeps them coming back.



I care to keep you safe. In all we do, getting you home safe and better is our #1 priority.



I care more because I am an owner, and through continuous improvement in myself and developing others, I strive for the best outcomes.



I care about you and the community we work in. I am inclusive and value diversity, openness, and respect.


Culture. Growth. Ownership. These words best describe my experience at Shawmut. Most companies talk about this, but don’t live it. I see growth opportunities daily, whether through our DEI efforts or people going above and beyond to collaborate. The pride of ownership is seen in everything we do. Shawmut walks the talk.David Malonson – Director - Regional Controller, West