Our goal is zero incidents. Safety is engrained into Shawmut’s foundation, with a top-down, bottom-up approach to driving innovation and continuous improvement through cutting-edge technology and a focus on both physical and psychological safety. We’ve built a culture of safety that extends beyond the bounds of our jobsites into the local community, general public, and families of all those working on-site. We not only send people home safe, but better.

We are committed to creating a healthy, injury-free environment. Our corporate safety steering committee is shored up by our regional safety branches, providing boots on the ground to drive local initiatives and pilots. With the support of our entire workforce, our safety teams confidently vet and implement new technologies that push us closer to hazard prediction and allow us to react quickly and efficiently to extreme safety challenges.

Shawmut recognizes that people need to feel safe and secure to be their best and reach their fullest potential. That’s why we focus on total worker health. Daily distractions and influence from outside factors—including mental health struggles and substance use disorder—need to be met with support and without blame, stigma, or judgement. Shawmut’s culture of care comes to life through regular safety touchpoints including Culture of Care toolbox talks, Safety First lessons learned, and weekly all-hands jobsite safety meetings.

In order to drive the safest behaviors, experiences, and outcomes, we:

  • Develop a deep understanding of our partners’ safety experiences through Highwire, ISN, and TradeTapp.
  • Conduct efficient and effective safety orientations using HammerTech.
  • Document safety observations using Highwire and HammerTech.
  • Perform permitting, pre-task planning, and safety meetings with HammerTech.
  • Report incidents through Origami.
  • Use an AI predictive model to analyze our collective data and identify where an incident might occur so we can provide resources to prevent injuries.

Safety is a journey that requires continuous improvement and innovative thinking. With this in mind, both Shawmut and our subcontractor partners have created programs and systems that have reduced injuries each year over the last four years. Our work is far from complete, and we will continue to build a safe and injury-free environment where everyone can be their best.


Safety Documentation