CEO Les Hiscoe spoke with Angeleno about Shawmut’s Luxury Homes division and discussed the team’s three decades of work in the most logistically challenging—and desirable—L.A. landscapes, and how Shawmut structures its business to ensure that each client gets world-class service.

Excerpt from Angeleno's Go Abode & Beyond article

In L.A.’s white-hot luxury real estate market, with its staggering $9.5 million median price point, demand for new construction with bespoke amenities and first-rate finishes continues to drive the market. To the delight of discerning Angelenos, Shawmut Design and Construction—a nationally renowned firm known locally for high-tone projects like Nobu and the Nobu Ryokan Hotel in Malibu, and the Louis Vuitton flagship on Rodeo Drive—launched its Luxury Homes division last summer. The 3 ½-plus decades of experience that this employee-owned firm brings to its A-list clientele allows them access to premium customer service, contractors and materials. “We have structured the company to be a small group so that we can offer personalized service,” says Shawmut CEO Les Hiscoe. “This allows us to provide a touch-and-feel experience.” Some of the amenities that Shawmut’s clients expect are deluxe screening rooms, state-of-the-art recording studios, carport elevators, fortified panic rooms and smart-home technologies. “Clients are building bigger and bigger homes with huge sightlines, which makes them extremely complex projects,” Hiscoe adds. “This necessitates deep pile foundations that require highly technical concrete, so to better control the process we bought a concrete subcontractor.” Done and done.

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