Shawmut CEO Les Hiscoe was named a Visionary in the spring 2018 C-Suite Quarterly Real Estate & Finance issue, which spotlights those who play a crucial role in the success and continued growth of Los Angeles and New York as global epicenters of real estate and finance.

Excerpt from C-Suite Quarterly

Les Hiscoe proves that building a success story is a marathon, not a sprint. The visionary and now CEO of Shawmut Design and Construction spent a decade “in the field” developing leadership expertise before joining Shawmut in 1998, playing a pivotal role in the company’s growth from $100M to $1.2B in revenue over the past two decades.

The Manchester, NH native defines success in his industry as effective collaboration. “Success is when I get that call from a client saying, ‘Your project manager was the best I ever dealt with.…’” he says. “That’s success to me.”

Expertise-driven verticals at Shawmut are what power its diverse portfolio and unique custom client experiences. For example, Shawmut’s national platform of expert staff takes on projects like installing Instant Replay and Wi-Fi in all thirty Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums.

As CEO, Hiscoe remains focused on his company’s culture, inspiration, and reputation. Shawmut is an agile operation with the competitive advantage of meeting clients’ changing needs, which have recently shifted toward offering their own customers better experiences.

The visionary is excited to be at the forefront of construction in a digital society. Shawmut’s company culture emphasizes transparency and enabling clients to challenge big data competitors. With 500 projects completed last year, Hiscoe predicts that the next decade will bring even more growth in health care, as well as new construction productivity, and possibly even new Shawmut geographies.

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