Left: Logan Levant. Right: Camper, Logan’s restaurant that Shawmut built.

Logan Levant, Managing Partner, Camper

1.  What was your favorite part of seeing Camper come to life?
When the chairs arrived! That was when we thought about customers sitting in the completely renovated space and it was an amazing feeling knowing that soon we’d be able to share Camper with the community. 

2.  What’s the key to effective collaboration?

Communication, communication, communication. And being realistic about how any changes affect everyone’s timelines.  

3.  What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, professionally or personally? 

To always trust my instincts, especially when designing a space. If I can close my eyes and think about how the space needs to function, and not just how it will look, the end product will serve me well.

4.  What was the most challenging business decision you ever had to make?

We had to let some things go in the process of creating Camper and when we let go, guess what, they came back to us! We always say, it’s never too soon to make the right decision.

5.  Where do you typically find inspiration?
I am always inspired by the familiar: an old napkin from my family table, a comforting dish I ate while traveling, the taste of the freshest strawberries on a May day. At Camper, we reflect and bring everything we can to the table, pun intended. After all, the journey is the reward.