Note: this photo was taken before the pandemic.

To continue its journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Shawmut has launched the latest in its already robust training program to enhance education and awareness. The People Strategies Team (PST) and Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) partnered to develop the Inclusion Learning and Awareness Plan, which will allow Shawmut’s people to learn about, understand, and interrupt their unconscious biases.

The first training, Inclusive Conversations, launched the first week of January, starting with executive and senior leaders. These engaging, small-group virtual sessions introduce participants to a framework and tools that help foster a more inclusive work environment. Senior leaders and managers will learn the skills to become inclusive, equitable leaders to continue Shawmut’s top-down approach to DEI.

Shawmut has always been at the forefront of the industry in its efforts to achieve workplace equity through continually improving its culture and leadership. The DLC partnered with Deloitte Human Capital on its strategic framework, and recently launched a partnership with Catalyst, global DEI experts known for their pioneering research, tools, and solutions that help organizations remove barriers and build inclusive cultures. 

Shawmut’s Inclusion Learning and Awareness Plan is required for all employees, and is hosted through the firm’s talent management system, ShawmutYou.