In a contribution within Providence Business News as part of their One Last Thing series, CEO Les Hiscoe discussed the importance of how Shawmut is leading with the firm’s core values—focusing on the unique needs of each partner, project, and employee-owner during unprecedented times.

Leading with Values

COVID-19 has created challenges few of us could have imagined at the start of 2020. While the circumstances are new, Shawmut is still guided by the core values we established when we were founded in 1982. Since the onset of this pandemic, we have leaned on these values, including putting our people first, finding a better way, and walking the walk.

Perhaps most essential as we navigate these uncharted waters is ensuring a heightened level of engagement with employees. We know that transparent, frequent, and empathetic communication is key to building trust and easing people’s fear and uncertainty. This starts with executive leadership huddles every day focused on how we ensure our people remain safe.

Next, we worked to enhance our world-class safety program by creating an industry-leading COVID-19 safety protocol plan. We mobilized technologies originally designed to monitor for safety compliance and used them to help manage appropriate social distancing.

We introduced a custom-built technology platform, Shawmut Vitals, that enables digital health screening and contact tracing through job-specific QR codes on every project.

While we are fortunate to have been one of the few essential industries allowed to continue working in Rhode Island, the health and safety of our people remain our top priority. As the state takes steps towards reopening, I encourage every business to move at a cadence that allows you to keep the wellbeing of your people top of mind.

While it may mean moving at a slower pace, it will pay dividends in the long run in a game that is driven by talent and led by our greatest asset—our people.

By Les Hiscoe, CEO of Shawmut

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