The 2021 BuiltWorlds Maverick Awards celebrate some of the brightest minds in the world who have acted as trendsetters, innovative thinkers, and catalysts of change in their respective fields in the built world space. CEO Les Hiscoe was selected as one of this year’s 50 winners, listed alongside architects, engineers, technologists, contractors, real estate moguls, venture investors, and urban designers from some of the most innovative companies around the world. See how Les was celebrated below, and read the BuiltWorlds 2021 Mavericks 50 List here.

Les Hiscoe, CEO, Shawmut Design and Construction

"Having taken a leadership role in driving diversity and inclusion within his organization and in the broader industry, creating one of the first bona fide diversity and inclusion groups in the industry, he has more recently set out to tackle jobsite safety, making a commitment to aggressive implementation of multiple technologies across the firm to enhance safety performance. This is the type of leadership that can help advance tech and also the industry."